5 Tips to Consider When Designing Your Kitchen

Tips to Consider When Designing Your Kitchen – One of the most important rooms is definitely the kitchen, so a lot of thought and preparation needs to go into remodelling or designing this essential space.

It doesn’t only need to look clean and stylish, but also functional. But how do you merge all these requirements? Here are some tips.

Ensure the functionality of your space

After all, that is your main concern, when it comes to the kitchen. Its primary function is to prepare food, so you have to make sure you have the proper space and ease of access, movement, etc.

However, the kitchen is also often the place where the family gathers to talk, share a meal, socialize, etc., so take that into consideration when you designate space for one thing or another.

Consider the arrangement of your key pieces

The stove, the fridge, the work counter, the dish washer, the sink, the dining table… These are your key pieces that you have to place so that everything fits, looks good, but also works harmoniously together.

The stove should naturally go next to the counter, for example, for ease of food preparation, while your dining table should be more to the side, and preferably, next to the door, so you can place your groceries on top of it when you arrive home.

Make sure your key items don’t overlap

What I mean by this is that you have to make sure you can use two or more things you need at the same time. Is opening your fridge door blocking your stove? What about your sink? Can you use it if you open the cupboard? Think about what you need to use concomitantly with something else and place them accordingly.

Create a space you enjoy

The kitchen is utilitarian, first and foremost, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cute, also. After all, if you spend time in there, you could at least make it a room you don’t hate to be in, so adding some nice design can’t hurt.

Keeping everything clean is essential

Before you decide to add in some fancy extra piece or wall decoration, think: will this be easy to clean? That goes for absolutely everything else in your kitchen, from countertops to the stove. Hygiene comes before style, so keep that in mind.

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