5 Tips to Choose a Mattress

Tips to Choose a Mattress – Okay, so maybe mattress shopping is not the most thrilling of activities, but hey, it’s an important choice to make.

Not only is it an expensive purchase, but you’re going to be sleeping on it for years, so you’ve got to look after your back. Literally. Here’s how to make sure you make the right choice.

Do you sleep alone? No? Then go shopping with your bed buddy

Whether you co-sleep with your partner or roommate, the choice will affect the both of you, so it’s only fair for you to go shopping together. This way, you will both have input over the final product and there will be no complaints on either part.

Try it on – no, really

You may feel weird about lying into bed at the store, but that’s the only way you can realistically assess whether or not the mattress is comfortable and the right option for you.

Lay in it for a while, move around, get up, sit back down, etc. Make all the natural moves you would normally make and see how the mattress behaves.

Figure out what degree of firmness you prefer

Some people sleep better with harder mattresses, while others prefer softer ones. This has a lot to do with the position you sleep in and it can affect your comfort. Be careful, because the wrong degree of firmness can cause pain upon waking.

Pro tip: if you co-sleep and your partner prefers a different kind than you, don’t worry – mattresses can usually be configured to differ in firmness on both sides.

Choose something durable

A mattress is not a purchase you make every day, so make sure you are investing in a durable, high-quality product. You should be able to sleep on it for up to ten years, so ask for a guarantee.

Pro tip: you can prolong the life of your mattress by flipping it on the other side every six months.

Consider budgetary concerns

All mattresses are expensive, that’s just a fact of life. But like most things, some mattresses are more expensive than others. You probably know you won’t be able to spring for the best one on the market, but before you go shopping, establish your budget.

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