Save 55%: YON-KA Professional Hydra N°1 Fluid (Hydrating, Mattifying) (For Normal to Oily Skin) 2.02oz, 60ml

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YON-KA Professional Hydra N°1 Fluid (For Normal to Oily Skin) has the following features: Non-oily and quickly absorbed, this super-hydrating, anti-aging mattifying fluid is remarkably effective for boosting normal to oily skin throughout the day, while leaving it without a shiny appearance.As a result, the skin is soft and supple again, it appears smoother and plumper. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid, imperata cylindrica, polysaccharides, aloe vera, sodium PCA, vegetable glycerin provide instant and long-lasting hydration.Olive phytosqualane prevents skin from dehydration.Light molecular weight hyaluronic acid, silicon restructure and redensify skin. Silica provides matte look effect.Vitamins E, C, A are anti-oxidants and regenerate skin.Essential oils of rose, chamomile and jasmine provide balancing and relaxing phyto-aromatic effects.