Save 55%: TALIKA Night Quintessence 4-Piece Skincare Set 1set, 4pcs

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TALIKA Night Quintessence 4-Piece Skincare Set includes:1. Night Quintessence 1.69oz / 50ml The first global anti-aging night treatment inspired by Photo-Beauty Therapy. Helps repairs skin DNA, provides anti-wrinkle and anti-dark spots actions, firms and hydrates skin intensively. Photo-Youth Repair® stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and regulates the production of melanin. Added with moisturizing Hyaluronic acid, skin-energizing Adenosine and Vitamin B3, which reduces the intensity of dark spots. Deep wrinkles and stubborn dark spots are significantly reduced. 2. TALIKA Skin Impunity (2 x 30ml) Two super-powerful formulas that create a complete youth detox treatment. Excess Eraser: eliminates dead skin cells and illuminates the complexion and reduces dark spots. Youth Rebond: replumps furrows and hollow parts of the face, detoxifies skin and gives immediate “lift” effect. 7% Fruit acids (glycolic and lactic acids): flatten out wrinkles and fine lines, reduce dark spots. Adenosine fights against wrinkles, Vitamin moisturises, restores skin while Hyaluronic acid replumps fine lines in just a few minutes. Photo-Beauty Enzyme®: transforms light energy into dermo-repairing energy. Photo-Beauty Purifyer®: traps free radicals with a light effect. 3. Bio Enzymes Anti-Age Mask (2 pieces) Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by plumping targeted areas, and improves the appearance of skin tone for a fresher and more youthful look. The second-skin properties of the bio-cellulose ensure an optimum penetration of active ingredients for a long-lasting effect.