Save 55%: TALIKA Eye Dream Regenerator Night Mask Eye Contour 0.52oz, 15ml

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The notion of rising with bright eyes, radiant skin and an all-over younger looking visage may seem like pure fantasy. Here is the silver magic wand to make this a reality.  During sleep, the delicate skin around your eyes loses up to 50% of its moisture. Paradoxically, the skin is at its most biologically receptive to external hydration and nourishing ingredients at this time. How does eye dream come true? Premium hydrating ingredients transforming bedtime into an 8-hour long spa treatment for the eyes from the moment you drift off to the minute you awake chasing away dark circles and tiny dryness lines all while you're sound asleep. It Contains biopeptides & regenerative ingredients (Vitamin F and Floral water) that will leave the texture of your skin feeling softer than a pillow while the contours of your eyes will be smoother than your silk sheets! Tips: Talika Eye Dream's innovative wand is completely airless, so the solution stays as potent and sterile from the first use to the last. The ergonomic shape ensures the silky crème is gently deposited precisely along the orbital bone.