Eminence Red Currant Balancing Concentrate

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Eminence Red Currant Balancing Concentrate is a powerful concentrate containing a Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex, leaving skin hydrated, while improving elasticity. This quick absorbing concentrate contains the added benefit of tea tree oil, used to help manage and treat breakouts, and is lightweight enough to use before applying a moisturizer, or on its own. Benefits: Ideal for normal to combination skin types Youth Shield Antioxidant Complex: a protective complex high in antioxidants derived from red currant (good source of Vitamin C), magnolia bark (soothes and calms skin), and elderflower (high in antioxidants); helping skin stay hydrated, protected from elemental abuse, while improving elasticity Tea Tree Oil: essential oil used to mange and treat break outs [ 1.2 oz. / 35 ml. ]


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