Cellex-C Lift Effect Serum

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Cellex-C Lift Effect Serum is a fragrance – free liquid gel designed to lift the neck and décolleté area leaving the skin feel smooth and firm. Specific ingredients known to help firm the skin's dermal/epidermal junction restoring a firm texture and tone the neck and jaw-line. Benefits: The unique formulation adds volume and resilience to loose, thinning skin on the neck. Helps increase the elasticity of the skin to help reduce the look of 'necklace' lines and cords. Creates a silky-smooth feel to the skin and helps minimize fine lines and crinkled skin. Firms the appearance of the jaw and neck-line. Overall improvement of the neck can generally be seen in 6–8 weeks of twice daily use. Suitable for all skin types. [ 4 fl oz / 120 ml ]


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