4 Tips for Decorating with Neutral Colours

Decorating with Neutral Colours – Decorating a room in beige is a modern trend. Most contemporary homes tend to be decorated in neutral colours which work well with minimal designs and sparse room types. Beige, tan, pastel colours like off-white and magnolia are all great colors for modern contemporary homes.


Grey is one of those neutral colours that goes with everything. It works well with more vibrant colours and prints and because of the multiple shades it can be combined well with other variations of the colour which is important when creating a theme consisting of one colour.

Accentuating Your Space

Neutral colours can sometimes be accused of being boring however this isn’t necessary true. To jazz up your neutral room try using metals and chrome furnishings to add a bit of sparkle. Try not to go overboard however as too much shine will ruin the balance of your neutral space.

Add Depth With Colour

One great tip for decorating monochrome rooms is to decorate the walls and windows in a darker shade of your chosen colour, doing so creates a colour depth which appears almost 3D in nature. This tips is excellent for rooms monochrome rooms with several fixtures.

Use Nature To Your Advantage

Nature acts well with neutral colour schemes, especially dark versions of tan and brown. Use plants and miniture shrubs to create a balance in your space and help accentuate your neutral theme.

Decorating your room or space in a neutral colour scheme is a great way to furnish a room and hopefully the tips contained will help.

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